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18 12 2008

Just wondering what happened to the GPA+ calculator from the app store? I can no longer find it for download and I purchased it.

19 12 2008
Lili Peck

I can’t figure out how to reorder my contacts! This needs to be built into the app!!! Also…the app keeps crashing when I add my best friend! All my other contacts added just fine. Please help!

24 12 2008

GPA+ might have disappeared temporarily while the update was being posted, it appears to listed in the store just fine now.

28 12 2008

I have been using Quiktact for a while now and like alot of the features. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to have two phone numbers in the list. I have not been able to have one contact in the list with ability to call home and cell number. Any chance of including that option? I think four icons in one row – two phone and one text and one email – would work. Thanks for your consideration.

1 01 2009

I bought iFart Alert! but the application is not working in my iphone 3g (2.2).
It always on the image of the yellow sign.

How should I proceed? I bought it today (01/01/2009) from itunes store.

1 01 2009

You need to click the small “i” in the lower right corner. Its pretty small, so sometimes it hard to click.. but I assure you it works just fine on a 3G running 2.2. when you click it the screen will flip to the screen where you choose the sound you want. Hope this helps, if not, please email me directly at

23 01 2009

how many pets can I add?

3 02 2009

You can add as many pets as you like to Pet Notebook.

27 06 2011

PN is not saving my data, then there are blank fields I can’t get rid off. Please help, I really like this app, but this is driving me crazy!

21 01 2013
5 07 2011

Please let know if there is someone I can talk to about my problems using Pet Notebook. Its very frustrating… I guess I’ll just dump it if I don’t get a response.
Haven’t heard from anyone since I posted 6/27.

21 01 2013
10 10 2011

Why is Pet Notebook no longer available from the US iTunes app store?

21 01 2013
6 12 2011

Hi im still waiting for a reply. Pet Notebook does not show up in app store at all. Is it no longer available or what?

21 01 2013
21 01 2013
14 03 2012

What happened to your Pet Notebook app? I saw a review and went to purchase it but it’s missing from the store.


21 01 2013
17 08 2012
Michael Peterson

Just swipe to to the right over the even tand a Delete button will appear.

11 11 2012

I HAVE to have the PET NOTEBOOK app!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I get it??? Keeps telling me not available!!!

21 01 2013
21 01 2013
21 01 2013

I have an iPhone 5, when I try to add the photo it freezes up every time. I have to reset my photo just to get out. Do you know if this app works on the new iPhone 5

21 01 2013

Alex, I’m really sorry but it appears it is an iPhone5 specific bug that causes this. I am looking into it but I can’t tell when a fix will be available. I’d like to give you a refund myself, but unfortunately the only way is for you to request one from Apple yourself. So sorry, this bug got me too when I upgraded.


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