Pet Notebook

Pet Notebook is no longer available, but its replacement is on it’s way soon (Late Jan. 2013)… Check out for more screen shots and a demo video.




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7 01 2009
Jeff Grosse

Great looking app and thanks for putting it on sale. One thing it’s missing that we’d probably all like to see is a weight tracking portion of the app. One of your competitors called Pet Phone has weight tracking, but you have a nicer interface and lower introductory price. Please consider what it would take to add this.

7 01 2009

Thanks for the feedback, glad you’re liking it!

Yes, I’m aware of the “other guys'” weight tracking feature. It just didn’t make the cut for version 1.0 of Pet Notebook unfortunately. I will certainly consider putting one into Pet Notebook (of course it will be much nicer!) =]

If you like Pet Notebook, PLEASE consider writing a review in the comments of the App Store – all feedback is read and is used to make the product better.

BarnacleJive Software

7 01 2009

Just came across this in the app store and it looks great and I went to purchase it but when I go to buy it, the price reads $4.99. On the 1st page it reads $2.99. Is the sale already over?

8 01 2009

Its priced at 2.99 for the time being, it was briefly set to 4.99, iTunes is slow to update itself completely sometimes.. =(

8 01 2009

Love it, great interface, would love to see one just like it for Kids. You’d make great money 🙂

8 01 2009

There is a “Baby Brag Book” in the works! It will have a photo album and and keep diary notes with pictures.. stay tuned!

If you like Pet Notebook, PLEASE consider writing a review in the iTunes comments, thanks for the feedback!

8 01 2009

It does look like a very nice app. The only thing I would say would make it even better would be the ability to backup or send the data. The ability to take notes is great, but I’d love to be able to email them to myself or print them out for my vet. Keep up the good work!

8 01 2009

Hola Amigo lo unico que le falta a la aplicacion es que pongas lo de las vacunas, la fecha de aplicacion y la proxima y poder poner mas telefonos del veterinario, gran app saludos de mexico

8 01 2009

Gracias! Podría añadir la capacidad de tener múltiples por veterinarios para animales de compañía. Vacuna fechas también son buena idea.

Si te gusta la mascota Portatil, por favor considere un examen escrito en el iTunes comentarios – Gracias por la información!

24 01 2009

I was wondering how many animals you can add? I would love to use this for my pet sitting business. I would like to be able to put in how much to feed at each visit also. Thanks! I look forward to using this! It looks like just what I was looking for!

24 01 2009

You can add as many pets as you want.

You can add any type of notes about feeding you need.

26 01 2009

I purchased the app and I really like it! If you ever decide to do a pet sitter version it would be nice if you could set some of the changeable fields one time and it work for each client. Also if there’s ever an option to put info in on mac and then sync would be extremely awesome for us pet sitters. But it certainly does the things I was needing and I look forward to any updates you might do!!!! Thank You So Much!!

27 01 2009

This is a great looking app! Very easy to use and the layout and design works wonderfully. As mentioned above, a weight tracker would be ideal. Also, I would love to see some kind vaccination and heartworm test record. I am always forgetting when my dogs are due for shots. Thanks for such a useful app!

31 01 2009

I have been looking at your app and really like it. I need a pet utility. What is the difference between pet notebook and dog diary. They seem identical, or am I overlooking a difference in feature.
Thank you

3 02 2009

Dog Diary and Cat Tablet are essentially the SAME app as pet notebook, the only difference is the color theme and the main pet list will be titled “Dogs”, or “Cats”. They are provided as a convenience to those dog/cat owners who only have one or the other and are enthusiastic about their favorite type of pet.

27 06 2010

This app looks perfect for what I want to do. Are you going to covert it to an iPad app anytime soon?
Regards, Jeff

27 06 2010

Yep! The app has been completely overhauled for the iPad.

Check it out at . It’s submitted and under review by Apple right now.

25 09 2012

Tried to refer this app to a friend but cannot locate it on iTunes any longer? Is it no longer available???

26 09 2012

Sorry, it is no longer available.

5 11 2012
Audio transcription

I have been surfing the net since last week for notebook for my dog as I wish to organize everything in a proper manner. It is good that I found my way through your website. Thank you for the information.

18 01 2013
Pet-Friendly Smartphone Apps

[…] Mashable gives you five awesome iPhone apps for pet owners. […]

21 02 2013

could this be used to track info for reptiles, tarantulas and insect pets? Would be great to track date of molts, size in length, last feed, type of food, stage of life, etc. Maybe just be able to add a few custom fields?


21 02 2013

Of course! Pets+ is great for all types of animals. It doesn’t currently have fields for the specific info you listed, but custom fields is a great idea and I’ll try to get something in there with the next update.

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