17 11 2008

Avilable now on the iTunes App Store, download here.


The definitive course & score tracking, GPA calculator, and course note keeping app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

• Just Works – Solves many of the issues that other GPA/score tracking apps just don’t handle that well. Provides an  intuitive work flow and an attractive interface that is  adaptable to the way YOU want to track your GPA.

• Fast – Quickly add/edit courses and scores. Easily switch between various methods for tracking your cumulative GPA at any time.

• Easy – Intuitive interface makes it simple to add all of your courses and scores. Use the tracking method that makes sense for you and your courses.

• Flexible – Choose to simply calculate GPA based on your current grade, or take more control and add individual scores for each course. Course scores can be weighted relative to each other.

• Powerful – At the score level, you can choose to enter as either a letter grade, or percentage. Scores are optionally weighted relative to each other within a course.

• Extras – Tools are provided to easily calculate how many additional credits need to be taken to raise your GPA. Or, what average GPA needs to maintained to reach your goal. Also, you may attach notes to any course or score.

• Nice Features –

Totally editable. You can always edit any of the of the course or score properties, add new ones, or remove any of them.

Courses and score lists are reverse-ordered (most recent on top).

Switch between calculation methods at any time without losing previously entered data – you can always go back.

Easily switch to a strict course grade mode to quickly predict future GPA, then switch back to scores mode to calculate current GPA based on up-to-date score lists.

Enter letter grades from A through F with + and -, or percentage from 0-100 in increments of 0.5. Course credits selectable from 1.0-6.0 in 0.5 increments. Score weighting selectable from 0-100 in increments of 0.5.

Course and scores lists includes quick-view of basic attributes. Grade and credits for courses, and grade/percentage and weight for scores. Touch to get more detail or to edit.

Mix and match grading methods within course or score lists if you like. By  letter or percentage, weighted or non-weighted, the calculation will handle it all same.

All delete actions require an OK to a prompt, so you never accidentally remove data.

Recent Updates:

• Extra credit options. New score type allows you to add additional points or percentage onto course grade.
• Option to display course quick-view grades as percentages.


Marriage Calculator

22 10 2008

Available now on the iTunes App Store, download here.


How does your potential/current marriage stand up to hard statistics? Wouldn’t you like to know..

Find out by entering leading success/failure factors into the calculator to see how much above or below the average marriage success rate you score.

Data is converted into a simple to understand “points” system, and you receive a rating between zero and five stars. A breakdown of how each factor contributed to your score is displayed.

Statistical information was compiled from recent US census data, the CDC, and University studies. The leading contributing factors of divorce are then weighted and normalized relative the the average rate and either added or subtracted.

Recent Updates:

Adds Many New More Detailed Factors For A Real In-Depth Analysis.

Tilt-A-Tip Action Tipster

6 10 2008

Available now on the iTunes App Store, download here.

Use the force of gravity to dial in how much you want to tip! Pass it around, everyone has fun using the accelerometer and other controls.. even the waiter 😉

Why get a boring old tip calculator when you could use one that is actually FUN TO USE!

Just rotate your iPhone from side to side and watch the tip grow and shrink.

Also included are more traditional controls to select your tip percentage, such as pickers and sliders.

Watch as the controls dial-in to previously selected percentage as you move between Tipper/Picker/Slider controls.

Set custom application preferences within the Settings app like default rounding state and minimum and maximum percentages.