22 02 2010

The ★TOP RATED – BEST SELLING★ event tracker for iPhone, iPod Touch!

Keep track of how long you have until upcoming special events with notifications before/after. Give each event a title, date/time, and even add a photo from your photo library or take one with your camera.

Watch Video Demo

UPDATE Version 4.1.5 new features:

  • Twitter Integration: tweet you events!
  • Facebook Integration: write your events to your Facebook wall!
  • Custom Alert Sounds
  • Real-Time Push Notifications
  • Slick New Look
  • More Sorting Options

Events display a countdown that ticks down the days, minutes, and seconds (then backwards and displayed in red for past events). Add, edit, re-order, or delete any event at any time.

Create events for Anything! Especially great for:

★ Birthdays
★ Weddings
★ Anniversaries
★ Release Dates (TV Shows, Movies, etc)
★ Vacations
★ Deadlines
★ Meetings
★ Holidays
★ Appointments
★ Alarms




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